My many years of experience with some of the biggest names in the business has allowed me assemble a self-contained horn section operation providing customized instrumentation and arrangements.

Our session option provides artists with configuration of your choosing, plus arrangements if needed.


Our live performance option rids touring artists of the fiscal responsibilities that come with travel.  Just send music files or copies ahead of time.  A section will be provided to your specs, and you have LIVE horns when you get to the city & venue of your choosing!  Our Washington DC based service is mostly focused on the east coast for now.  But plans to expand are coming soon.   

We are also available for touring! 

Click on the "contact" tabass boost" to some of the biggest names out there!  Arrangements are done 'in house', click on the "contact"and horn players are provided for you if you wish.

If budget constraints prevent you from traveling with a section of your own, just sent files/tracks ahead of schedule and your section will be provided for you - arrangements in hand!  As of now, this service is available covering the east coast, from Richmond, VA to New York, NY.

Samples available upon request.

​B E L T W A Y    H O R N S

Beltway Horns with Stanley Clarke